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                Stamp collecting or Philately, like every other field ,too contains some technical and domain specific terms (even the name is so difficult.) Some of these terms are specific to Pakistani currency. So some are given below. Just skimming through this page will develop a better understanding of what is to follow.

Anna  1 rupee contained 16 annas, and 1 anna contains 4 paisas. See Paisa,Rupee.
Commemorative Stamps issued to honor some person, anniversary or historical event. 
First-day Covers: First-day covers-stamped envelopes postmarked with the date of issue of the stamp.
Definitive A word used to distinguish a normal, everyday issue of stamps.

The term given stamps that are no longer valid for postage     Usually done by a government.


The postage money value appearing on a stamp, as 5 cents, 2 Bolivars, etc.   

Paisa 1 paisa contains 3 pies. See Anna, Rupee.
Pie 3 paisas makes 1 pie.  See  Paisa, Rupee.
Perf.: Abbreviation for perforated or perforations
Perforation: The punching out of holes between stamps to make separation easy.
Perforation Gauge:  A scale printed or designed on metal, plastic or cardboard to measure the number of perf holes or teeth within two centimeters.
Philatelist: A student of stamp collecting.
Philately: The collecting and study of postage stamps and related items such as is known as philately-a coined Greek word meaning, literally, “love of what is free of further tax”.
Reissue: An official reprinting of a stamp from an obsolete or discontinued issue. Reissues are valid for postage.
Reprint: A stamp printed from the original plate, after the issue has ceased to be postally valid. Official reprints are sometimes made for presentation purposes or official collections. They are often distinguishable in some way from the originals: different colors, perforations, paper or gum. Private reprints, on the other hand, are usually produced strictly for sale to collectors and often closely resemble the original stamps. Private reprints normally sell for less than original copies.

Rupee Pakistan's currency is Rupee.1 rupee contains 16 annas, 64 paisas, 192 pies. See Anna, Paisa, Pie.
Series:  A group of stamps with a similar design or theme. A series may be planned or may evolve.

Term used for wording on a stamp to identify the service for which the stamp was designed.

Set: A unit of stamps issued for a common purpose, either at one time or over an extended period, embracing a common design or theme.
Stamp: The gummed labels placed on letters or parcels to indicate payment of the charge for postal delivery.




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