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The Reason For This Website............
                The major reason to built this website was to promote stamps of Pakistan. As we know that with the advancement of technology regular post is getting more and more obsolete so I thought that through this medium  one can enlighten people about philately and stamps.
             Moreover if we view and study stamps with care and in detail , then we see that they contain history of our times within themselves. I have also laid stress on images of these stamps.
              And to accomplish this what better stamps can be used other than of my own country-Pakistan. I specially chose stamps from early years of Pakistan as  they will depict the early struggle of a budding nation more effectively. Also these early stamps are less known and little popular.

             Lastly, I thank Mr. Anfas Yunus, without whom this would not have been possible as he owns this valuable stamp collection.

About Me...........
             My name is Shahab Yunus. I am a Pakistani who lives  in Lahore. I am 19 years of age and a student of Computer Science. I love the World Wide Web. 

About The Person Who Owns This Collection...........
             These stamps have been taken from the private collection of Mr. Anfas Yunus. He is a chemical engineer by profession and lives in Lahore, Pakistan. He is been collecting stamps for past 40 years and specializes in Pakistan and Brazil.


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Stamps owned by Anfas Yunus.
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