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    On the 10th Anniversary of Pakistan (14th August 1957), a set of three commemorative postage stamps of 1-anna-ultramarine, 4-anna-orange red and 12-anna-mauve denominations and colours was issued. The commemoratives under reference depict the progress made by Pakistan during the first ten years. In the foreground, there is a sapling of the rose plant with a solitary rose bud and the date "14th August 1947" there-under indicating that Pakistan came into being from scratch and has blossomed into a well-grown I0-flower rose plant (printed on the right hand side) where-under the figures "14th August 1957" have been inscribed. The postage stamps under reference depict the (1) Sui Gas, (2) Adamjee Jute Mills, (3) Karnaphuli Paper Mills and (4) Zeal Pak Cement Factory with an aeroplane flying over as symbol of progress and development made during the period. The word "PAKISTAN" in English, Urdu and Bengali is shown at the top and the word "POSTAGE" and the denomination have been given in the right-hand bottom corner.
These commemoratives were available for sale from 14th August, 1957 to 13th February, 1958 (both dates inclusive). These three stamps have Perf. 13x14.





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