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       To commemorate the inauguration of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a postage stamp of 2-anna denomination was issued on 23rd March 1956. The stamp in question is bottle green and bears in the center an illustration of the Constituent Assembly building where the Constitution of the Republic of Pakistan was adopted. On the two sides of the central design, there appear the illustration of a JUTE PLANT to represent Bangladesh (Then East Pakistan) and the illustration of a WHEAT PLANT to represent West Pakistan. The words "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" along with the date of inauguration of the Republic (viz. 23rd March 1956) are inscribed at the top of the stamp. Below the central design (Constituent Assembly building) appear the words REPUBLIC DAY. The word (Pakistan in Urdu) appears at the foot of the stamp with the denomination engraved in Urdu and English in either corner. The size of the stamp is 40x25 mm and the perforation gauge 13x13 (c). The stamps were available for sale from 23rd March 1956, to 22nd February 1957, (both dates inclusive).





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