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       To commemorate the Unification of West Pakistan on 14th October 1955, three postage stamps of 1-anna, 2-anna and 12-anna denominations (as described below) were issued on 7th December 1955.
       These stamps were sold for the period from 7th December 1955, to 29th February 1956, (both dates inclusive) and remained valid for payment of postage for a period of six months from 29th February 1956.     

  •  l-anna; Bottle Green.
  • 2-anna .Chocolate.
  • 12-anna. Deep Red .

    All three stamps shows the map of the "Province of West Pakistan," incorporating therein the former provinces of the Punjab, the N-WF., Sind and Baluchistan and the States of Bahawalpur and Khairpur, Baluchistan States Union, Amb, Chitral, Dir, Swat and the Tribal Areas of Baluchistan, the Punjab and N-WF. as also the capital of the Federation.
    Size of stamp: 40.5x31.5 mm . 
    Size of Print: 37.5x28.8 mm.
    Perforation gauge: 13x13 Comb.





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