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         For facility of use, both by the public and the post office, it was decided to so arrange future ssues of postage stamps as to reduce the number of stamps in one and the same design to only one. In keeping with this decision, a new set of postage stamps was issued on the 14th August, 1954, the seventh Anniversary of Independence. It comprised seven public postage stamps of 6-pie, 9-pie, I-anna, 1S-anna, 14-anna (new denomination), Re. l/- and Rs. 2/- denominations, and seven service postage stamps of the same denominations. Attractive and entirely new designs, depicting panoramic scenic beauties of Pakistan, and archaeological monuments of the country, presented in a new form, and some of the main agricultural products of the country, in beautiful colour schemes, are the main features of these stamps which are briefly described below.

     The designs and colour schemes were selected by the Posts and Telegraphs Department. engraving was done by Messrs. Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London, and the printing carried out by the Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Ltd., Karachi. This is the first set of Pakistan postage stamps printed by a Pakistan Press. Each sheet of every denomination comprises a set of eighty stamps.

14-anna (in dark green); a panoramic view of a "Tea" garden in Bangladesh (Then East Pakistan ).  (Perf.13)
One-anna (in light red); Badshahi Mosque, Lahore (built by Emperor Aurangzeb) in the distance, an entirely new view with foliage in the fore-ground.(Perf.13)
1 anna (in red); a beautiful side view of Emperor Jehangir's Mausoleum at Lahore, with two of its minarets and date-palms in the fore-ground.(Perf.13)
 Re 1/- (in green); Cotton field (West Pakistan) ; in their bloom, with green foliage and white cotton balls.(Perf.13)
Rs. 2/- (in orange); a panoramic view of a Jute-field (Bangladesh, Then East Pakistan) in the background, and a flowing river with boats in the fore-ground.(Perf.13)
6-pie (in purple); a view of Kaghan Valley (North-West Frontier), reputed as a beauty spot for tourists .(Perf.13)
 9-pie (in blue); a panoramic view of spring in Gilgit, with snow-clad mountains in the distance, and the Pakistan flag fluttering in the fore-ground.(Perf.13)







































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