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       A new set of eight postage stamps was issued on the 14th August 1951, the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Pakistan.These stamps were designed by the famous Pakistani artist, K.B. Abdur Rehman Chugtai. Their colour scheme was chosen y the Ministry of Communications and the printing was done in one colour by Messrs. Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London , by direct plate process.
      These postage stamps are of denominations of 2½-anna, 3-anna, 3½-anna, 4-anna, 6-anna, 8-anna ,10-anna and 12 –anna. The size is 19x33.5 millimeters and the perforation gauge 12x13½ ( c ).Four designs have been used in these stamps, one design for two different denominations, which are distinguished by different colours.
      Service postage stamps of 3-anna, 4-anna and 8-anna denominations were also issued, In this issue the word "Service" hi!" not been overprinted as is the case with other Pakistan service postage stamps; it is actually incorporated in the stamp design.


       The designs of the 8-anna and the I0-anna stamps represent the symbolic arch which is characteristic of the Muslim architecture. From the arch, hangs a lamp in the shape which is familiar throughout the Muslim world. This symbolizes the "lamp of learning" which Islam lighted in the world after the darkness of feudal ages. The 8-anna stamp is dark-brown and the 10-anna is purple.

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