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          The first series of postage stamps, issued Pakistan, were devoted to the commemoration of independence. They were released on the 9th July 1948 and comprise four values. The Independence commemoratives were withdrawn from sale with effect from 1st October 1959.

   1½as. stamps in cobalt blue, bearing an illustration of the building in which the constituent assembly of Pakistan had met.(Perf. 14x13½)

  2½ as. Stamp in natural green, bearing the picture of the entrance of Karachi Airport.(Perf. 14x13½)

  3 as. Stamp, sepia brown in colour, bearing the picture of the Gate of the Lahore Fort.(Perf. 14x13½)

 1 Re. Stamp representing the motif of the Crescent and Star with leaf pattern in the Saracenic style designed by the well-known artist, K.B, A.R. Chugtai.(Perf. 12)

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