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1ST REGULAR SERIES (crescent and star facing north-east)-

      The first serried of Pakistan postage stamps were issued on the first anniversary of Independence (14th August, 1948). The stamps in twenty denominations were printed by Messrs. Thomas De La Rue & Co, Ltd. London, by the “Taille Douce” printing process. These stamps were divided into seven categories; each represented a separate design.
      Stamps of the denominations of 3-pie, 6-pie,1-anna,1˝-anna,2-anna,3-anna,4-anna and 8-anna, Re. 1/-, Rs.2/- , Rs. 5/- and Rs. 10/- of this series were overprinted “Service” for official use.


       3ps., 6ps. And 9 ps. Dark brown, dark purple and green respectively bear on illustration of the Scales of Justice with (Perf. 12˝), (Perf. 12˝) and (Perf. 12˝) respectively.

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