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KING GEORGE VI (with square border)



                 Even before independence, the question of introducing Pakistan postage stamps on the day of establishment of Pakistan (14th August1947) was examined. Due to complications accompanying the designing and printing of new postage stamps and the limited period then available, it was decided that the postage stamps and postal stationery to be used by the Government of Pakistan should, in the first instance, be distinguished by over-printing Indian postage stamps and stationery with the word Pakistan.  They were over–printed by government presses in Pakistan .The over-printed Indian postage stamps became very popular with the philatelists all over the world .Rubber–stamping or hand printing was never allowed; postage stamps bearing rubber over prints are, therefore unauthorized .
Total 19 stamps were issued which are shown in following pages. Collective list of all stamps can be found on summary page. The above stamps have following denominations and colours:
  • 1a.3p. bistre.
  • 1˝a. dull violet.
  • 2a. vermilion.
  • 3a. bright violet.
  • 3˝a. bright blue.


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